Why Choose Us?


Why should you choose InvestiGREAT?  Good question.  Here's why:

We have fought down in the trenches for the past 30 years for what we believe is right to discover the truth and have resolved many, many cases to favorable conclusions.  Our motivation comes from the genuine appreciation of our clients in having solved their problems.  We are in this business because we love what we do and are certain we can help resolve your problems.  There are many private investigators out there.  Choose the one that you believe in. 

Believe in us. Believe in InvestiGREAT.

What separates us from other Private Investigators? 

We cater towards the client that has been forgotten about by the big companies.  We handle a lot of cases...big and small.   We have worked for clients from all over the world - places like Guyana, Bangladesh, Trinidad, Tobago, Nigeria, Ecuador, Columbia, India, Pakistan, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Israel, etc.  Both here and from overseas.  Matters of the heart transcend financial position, nationality and politics.   We can look at the bigger picture through objective eyes - because frequently clients come to us in emotional turmoil and cannot see the truth.  We help our clients see clearly what may not be all that clear at the time.  That's where Investigreat comes in.  We all want to know that our "true love" is being true to us.   We will help you find the answers you are looking for.

To get to know us a little better, read an article written by our founder that was published in  Pursuit Magazine.  Just click the button below.

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