Private Investigator New Haven, CT.

Private Investigators - New Haven, CT

When you want great investigations, what you need is Investigreat.

Investigreat, LLC is a recognized full service Private Investigation Agency that is fully licensed, insured and bonded handling cases in New Haven, Connecticut and all of New Haven County as well as all areas of Connecticut and the New York City area, Long Island and upstate New York.  We are made up of a diverse team of investigators whose mission it is to help people resolve matters such as marriage infidelity, child custody, missing persons, child support, background searches and much more.  We also deal with surveillance, data searches, witness canvassing, and various attorney and business investigations.  We do whatever it takes to get you the best possible results.

If your gut is telling you something is wrong, it is probably right.  Always trust your instincts - you deserve to know the truth.  We are here to help you find that truth.  Trust Investigreat to help you.

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 We are the #1 rated Private Investigation Agency in Connecticut.  Let us help you find the answers you need.   Contact us today to find out how we will help you with your Private Investigative needs.